Moholy-Nagy: Future Present
Art Institute Chicago
October 2, 2016–January 3, 2017
Regenstein Hall
Member Preview:
September 30–October 1

Painting, photography, film, sculpture, advertising, product design, theater sets—László Moholy-Nagy (American, born Hungary, 1895–1946) did it all. Future Present, the first comprehensive retrospective of Moholy-Nagy’s work in the United States in nearly 50 years, brings together more than 300 works to survey the career of a multimedia artist who was always ahead of his time. Moholy, as he was known, came to prominence as a professor at the Bauhaus art school in Germany (1923–28). In 1937 he founded the New Bauhaus in Chicago, a school that continues today as the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He remains the most renowned international modern artist ever to have resided in Chicago.

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4 Artists from Moholy-Nagy’s School
December 9, 2016 - January 29, 2017
Opening Reception: December 9, 2016, 6-9:00 p.m.

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Historic Ravinia Oct. 9 Mid-Century event and design competition
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Playboy Architecture 1953-1979 Exhibit at the Elmhurst Art Museum
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Landmarks IL Mid-Century lectures:

2014 Update - This home is in danger of being demolished.
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Blair House
925 N. Sheridan Rd., Lake Bluff

This Modernist masterpiece was designed by Keck & Keck, a preeminent firm of the era. The Blair House has been widely published, both from the time of its construction in 1955, as well as in numerous books on the work of Keck & Keck and modern architecture. It was forward-thinking in its use of sustainable technologies, such as double-glazing and radiant heat. In 1957 the Architectural Record called it “A Residence of Exceptional Distinction.”

Currently for sale, the house sits on a large lakefront lot. A Lake Bluff landmark nomination has been considered but has not yet been pursued. If the Village did grant local landmark designation it would only be honorific. With no protection in place the Blair House is highly vulnerable to demolition to make way for new construction.

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Photography by Julius Shulman with text by Gary Gand
Postscript by Stanley Tigerman
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In 2006, Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond, a non-profit organization which celebrates and promotes 20th-century modern architecture and design, contacted legendary photographer Julius Shulman to record Chicago’s modernist residential architectural heritage. Chicago, America’s First City of Architecture, and its modern architecture proved to be the ideal subject for Shulman’s final book project before his death in 2009. JULIUS SHULMAN: CHICAGO MID-CENTURY MODERNISM (Rizzoli; May 2010, ISBN: 9780847832873; $60.00 US) features the elegantly modern Minsk House, designed by Keck & Keck in 1955; the 1960 Burton Frank House, a mid-century modern gem; architect Harry Weese’s inspired modernist house and studio of 1957; and many other modern masterpieces by Edward Dart, Bertrand Goldberg, Paul Schweikher’s home and studio, Edward Humrich (pictured on the cover), and Ralph Rapson among others.

A visionary artist who has achieved worldwide fame, Julius Shulman transformed architectural photography. From his earliest photographs to those featued in JULIUS SHULMAN: CHICAGO MID-CENTURY MODERNISM, his work demonstrates a profound sensitivity to and appreciation for the spaces in which people live. These spaces, as seen through his lens, are at once luminous and profoundly shadowed, becoming spaces of intrigue and extraordinary beauty into which the observer longs to enter. It is fitting that the only modernist survey of Chicago’s residential architecture was recorded by the master himself. He wouldn’t have had it any other way.

ABOUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER / AUTHOR: Julius Shulman documented the most important architecture of our time for more than seventy years, and his work is published and exhibited widely. Gary Gand is a concert sound engineer, musician, and Modern furniture collector based in Chicago. He helped found and serves as Vice President of Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond, the architecture preservation organization which promotes the protection of architecturally significant houses built from the 1930s to the 1960s. With a motto of “preservation through appreciation,” Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond works tirelessly to protect these endangered properties. Gand was assisted with the book by CBB secretary Joan Gand, CBB president Joe Kunkel, member Dan Obermaier, and all of the homeowners who were interviewed and whose homes appear in the book.

Photography by Julius Shulman with text by Gary Gand
Rizzoli New York
Hardcover, 208 pages, 127 color and 29 black-and-white illustrations, 12 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-8478-3287-3
PRICE: $60.00 US / $73.00 CAN / £40.00

It is with great sadness that we report:
Celebrated photographer of Modernist
architecture Julius Shulman dies at 98

Photo by Gary Gand (taken here during his visit)

Julius Shulman was more than just the famed architectural photographer whose iconic work fills books and museums. His images influenced so much of our knowledge and perception of what Modernism is.

Mr. Shulman died in his home Wednesday evening, July 15, 2009. He kept a busy schedule and was photographing as recently as three weeks ago, on location with his business partner Juergan Nogai.

Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond was so fortunate to have had a close connection with Mr. Shulman. As most of you know, Julius came to Chicago in the fall of 2006 to photograph a selection of modern homes for our dream project - a book on Chicago's residential modernsim. Each homeowner who was included in our project got to know the man first-hand, and it was an experience none of us will ever forget. Gary, Joe, and I spent numerous days with him during the project and it changed our lives. The book will be published by Rizzoli in Spring of 2010.

We will all miss him greatly.

The first obituary is online - click here.
CBB brings architectural photographer
Julius Shulman to Chicago

Click here to watch video by ABC news anchor/reporter Kevin Roy

13 Houses Photographed for Upcoming Book
We need your support for this exciting project!

Julius Shulman in the suburbs of Chicago getting ready to photograph a Keck and Keck home.
Earlier this year at our annual meeting, we announced our goal of producing a large format book about Chicago-area modern residential architecture, to aid in our preservation efforts. Producing a glossy coffee-table book featuring beautiful modern homes by such Chicago architects as Keck and Keck, Edward Dart, Bertrand Goldberg, Paul Schweikher and others, should further our efforts of "preservation through appreciation."

A book committee headed by CBB vice-president Gary Gand, had a brainstorming session at the meeting. Gary's ultimate goal was to entice Julius Shulman, the world's most famous architectural photographer, to become involved with the project. Gary met with Mr. Shulman, who he has known for several years, and through persistent follow-up, arranged to bring Mr. Shulman and his crew to Chicago.

Mr. Shulman, at 95 years years young, is vibrant and still working daily in his amazing career of architectural photography. Along with photo designer Juergen Nogai, and lighting technician Brin Morris, he made the trip from Los Angeles and has spent the last two weeks here. Every day has been an amazing experience, seeing many of the homes we have toured through the eyes of the master of "architectural acoustics" to quote the sage Mr. Shulman.

Click here to read more about Julius Shulman and see his iconic photos.
Click here to read the article on Julius Shulman in TimeOut Chicago.

Exploring the Googieverse: In search of Chicago’s vanishing architecture of the future

Born out of the same post-World War II energy that spawned the swirling, splayed chaos of Jackson Pollock’s paintings, Googie architecture celebrated the ascension of America and the atomic age.

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A DVD is now available of the keynote presentation last February at our third annual meeting. Allen Porter, a founding member of CBB and a former student of the New Bauhaus/Institute of Design, was one of a group of designers from Chicago who moved to Los Angeles in 1950, and was a participant and keen observer in the creative fervor that marked the 50s and 60s in the city. At the forefront of the modernist design movement, he knew and worked with many of the prominent architects, designers, photographers, publishers, filmmakers and business people. In the Bauhaus tradition, he worked in most every creative discipline and covers many of them in this personal, verbal/visual survey of the period.

An internationally known designer and photographer, Porter documented many of the cultural and artistic activities and brought them together in his lecture, Los Angeles: Modernism and the Creative Fervor of the 50s/60s, at the group's annual meeting at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. The DVD, the first produced by our organization, features rare photos of people, places, architecture and designs that characterized the vitality of the period and includes some of its Chicago connections.

Order DVD
Click on the PayPal button below to order online. If you prefer to mail your payment, please send a check along with the address of where to send the DVD to:

Chicago Bauhaus & Beyond
P.O. Box 364
Flossmoor, IL 60422

Order DVD online - $25.00
CBB In the News! Chicago Tribune Article from April 8, 2007 about preservation of homes by architect Edward Humrich

Featuring CBB members Janis Hersh (whose wonderful Humrich home was on a CBB tour last September) and Joan Gand's efforts to raise awareness of Humrich's work in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

Click here for article and photos (PDF, 3.5MB)
Chicagoland Watch List
Recently, Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond (co-founded by Riverwoods’ Joan and Gary Gand) brought Riverwoods to the attention of Landmarks Illinois (formerly Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois).  Landmarks Illinois just announced its Chicagoland Watch List for 2006-2007.  Riverwoods mid-century residences are on the list (Click here to view the list). The web site includes photos of several mid-century homes as well as one of the new homes under construction in Riverwoods.  The text of Preservation Illinois article is below:

Mid-century Residences
The Village of Riverwoods was established on the banks of the Des Plaines Riverin 1949 by steel magnate Edward L. Ryerson. Designed to be “set in the woods without taking the trees out,” this Lake County community is home to one of the Chicagoland area’s largest concentrations of mid-century residential architecture. Over 40 homes were designed by architect Edward Humrich, who completed many residential projects in the suburbs of Chicago during the 1950s and 60s.
His one-story “prairie modernist” designs blend harmoniously into their surroundings. A recent wave of teardowns and “McMansion” construction has noticeably altered the Riverwoods landscape.  Several Humrich houses have been obscured by large additions, while half a dozen have been entirely demolished. Most of these sites have been clear-cut of existing trees to make way for new single family houses that are grossly out of scale with the neighboring residences. Without a local preservation ordinance in place, the character of the village may suffer from continued overdevelopment.
What Can I Do? Urge Village officials to adopt a local landmarks ordinance to protect the mid-century housing character of Riverwoods. Contact Mayor William S. Kaplan, 847-945-3990 williamskaplan@comcast.net.
Edward Dart house in Glencoe Endangered
If you have friends, relatives, or colleagues who live in Glencoe please pass along the following information:
A very important house in Glencoe located at 35 Estate Drive, the Louis Ancel house, designed by noted modernist architect Edward Dart, is proposed for demolition and replacement with two new houses. Located at 35 Estate Drive, it was designed by noted modernist architect Edward Dart and built in 1961 for Louis Ancel. Edward Dart was at the prime of his career in the 1950s and 1960s, won numerous awards and studied under notable architects such as Richard Neutra, Louis Kahn and Eero Saarinen.  One of his largest and best known public commissions was Water Tower Place on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

It is important that the Glencoe Plan Commission and Village President Scott Feldman hear from Glencoe residents on this matter.† The Commission will hear this matter on September 27, 2006.† Please send a letter or fax to the Glencoe Village Hall, Glencoe Plan Commission, 675 Village Court, Glencoe, IL 60022 / Fax (847) 835-1785 or email the commission in care of Nathan Parch at nathanp@goglencoe.com. Thank you for your help.
Kenilworth's Hohf house by Keck and Keck featured in HOME Miami Magazine

A group effort! CBB members provided text for a feature article that appeared in both Home Miami and Home Ft. Lauderdale magazines. The publisher of the magazine, John O'Connor, is formerly from Evanston, and is doing great work in South Florida to promote preservation and modernism. The magazine provided a 1/2 page ad for Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond in exchange for the article. They also sent a photographer to snap some beautiful new photos of the Hohf house. A CBB member from the Chicago Historical Society provided access to the original Hedrich-Blessing photos of the home. We all worked together to bring a taste of Chicago modernism to the media. We hope other publications will like what they see and contact us for more info on Chicagoland's great modern homes.
Modern Architecture for Sale

Stop the bulldozing of Modern Masterpiece homes by becoming an "end user" (a great term from the modernist magazine, Dwell). Join our group and meet like-minded citizens who want to stop the uncontrolled extinction of mid-century architecture. Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond, a non-profit organization, is promoting the preservation of these homes through education, raising awareness of good architecture and promoting these historic houses to potential owners who will preserve them.

For a list of modernist realtors, preservationists and others who can assist in the process of buying a modern masterpiece, click here for our Resources page.
Modern Masterpeices

Chicago Bauhaus and Beyond was featured on ABC TV news, Channel 7 in Chicago, in this special by reporter Kevin Roy. The report featured interviews with CBB founders Joe Kunkel, Joan and Gary Gand, and others in the modernist community, and ran on the Tuesday 10:00 p.m. news on July 26, 2005.

The report also included the Frueh house (by Robert Bruce Tague, faced with demolition soon unless a buyer steps in) and an interview with Highland Park Historic Preservation Commission chairman Daniel Kahn, and the Forest Crest subdivision of Keck and Keck homes, with an interview with original owners there. Joan and Gary Gand's Keck home was shot for the report, as well as Joe Kunkel's Edward Dart Home and the largest Humrich commissioned house which is currently for sale in Olympia Fields.

The piece covered the topics of preservation, tear-downs, and how CBB was formed to create awareness and appreciation.Click here to view the special report. Viewers with Quicktime software (free download) may view these versions:



CBB Logo Receives Recogntion!

Our logo, designed by CBB member Allen Porter, has received prestigious recognition...(continued)
News Sun Newspaper Article

Modernism Passion: Couple helps found appreciation society for once-popular design.

RIVERWOODS — Even Chicagoans who aren't up on their schools of architecture know a Modern design when they see it, even if they aren't quite sure what they're seeing...(continued)
Pioneer Press Newspaper Article

Article announces our new group...(continued)

For more details on this exciting new group, please contact: Joe Kunkel
joe@jetsetmodern.com   or (T) 312-371-0986

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